Dr James Verdon

Geophysics Software

On this page are some useful codes which I have written for various purposes. Unless otherwise stated they are distributed under the BSD free software license.. These programs are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


INversion of Seismic Anisotropy for Fractures and Fabrics

INSAFF inverts shear-wave splitting measurements for aligned fracture networks and VTI sedimentary fabrics (Verdon et al., 2009)

INSAFF is written in FORTRAN 90. Some functionality requires the MSAT Matlab toolbox

SWS inverted for fracture and fabric parameters during hydraulic fracturing using INSAFF


Effective Fractures and Fabrics Evaluation

EFFEV generates stiffness tensors using effective medium modelling based on specified input parameters

EFFEV is written in Matlab. Requires the MSAT Matlab toolbox

Seismic anisotropy example


Mmax Prediction

PredictMmax is a model to forecast the largest expected EQ size during fluid injection, based on statistical parameterisation of observed microseismicity (Verdon and Budge, 2018)

PredictMmax is written in Matlab

Example PredictMmax EQ forecast


Random EQ Seeding Model

RandomSeed is physics-based microearthquake simulation, using modelled stress changes resolved onto either defined or random fracture networks to forecast when and where seismicity may occur (Verdon et al., 2015)

RandomSeed is written in Matlab


Neighbourhood Search Algorithm

Matlab encoding of Sambridge (1999) Neighbourhood Algorithm for inversion of geophysics data

NA search method


Matlab encoding of the Batzle and Wang (1992) formulations to compute physical properties of oilfield fluids (oil, gas, brine, CO2) as a function of temperature and pressure. CO2 properties computed using Hu (2006)

VAKH Model

VAKH (Verdon, Angus, Kendall, Hall, 2008)

Non-linear rock physics model inverting pressure-sensitive anisotropic seismic velocity measurements for microcrack properties

VAKH is written in Matlab

VAKH inversion for rock physics parameters

Other Software

Standing on the shoulders of giants: recommended software for a variety of purposes. See Mac Eye for the Geophysics Guy for advice on setting up MacOS X for geophysical applications.

  • MacSAC: Run Seismic Analysis Code (SAC) on Mac OS
  • ATRAK: Ray tracing in 3D, anisotropic, heterogenous media
  • MSAT: Matlab Seismic Anisotropy Toolkit
  • OpendTect: 3D reflection seismic display and interpretation package
  • NonLinLoc: Earthquake location software (Lomax et al., 2000)
  • SHEBA: Shear-wave birefringence analysis code
  • SplitLab: Shear-wave splitting in Matlab
  • FilterPicker: Automatic picking algorithm for EQ detection (Lomax et al., 2012)
  • Madagascar: Open source geophysical (mostly reflection seismic) processing toolbox
  • MSAC: Matlab SAC Toolbox
  • SegyMAT: Matlab SEG-Y Toolbox
  • Neighbourhood Algorithm: Original FORTRAN encoding of Sambridge (1999) Neighbourhood Search Algorithm
  • StressInverse: Inversion of EQ source mechanisms for stress field (Vavrycuk, 2014)
  • Matlab Google Earth Toolbox
  • Akkar et al. (2014) Ground Motion Prediction Equation
  • Export_Fig: Generate publication-quality figures from Matlab plots

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