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IRTF 2009A035
RAS Meeting 2009
Royal Astronomical Society Discussion Meeting
Friday 13th November 2009
(RAS Lecture Theatre, Burlington House, London.)
In-situ geophysical studies of planetary interiors: past, present, and future

Organisers: Neil Bowles & Nick Teanby
What's New? Downloadable presentations for selected talks
Meeting Aims

Future space missions to the Moon, Mars, and the outer planets will incorporate surface geophysical instrumentation. Current mission plans include provision for seismometers, heat flow experiments, and thermal and electrical conductivity for example. These instruments have the potential to vastly improve our knowledge of planetary surfaces and interiors.

This meeting will review results from past experiments (such as the Apollo seismometers), discuss current geophysical instrumentation proposed for future missions such as MoonLITE and Aurora and how best to maximise the science return. A major aim of this meeting is to bring together the solid Earth and planetary science communities in order to determine how best to exploit future datasets, guide mission design, and foster future collaborations.

The meeting will comprise morning and afternoon sessions of invited talks and a poster session to help stimulate discussion.


10:0010:30Tea and Coffee
10:4011:10Tilman SpohnInteriors of terrestrial planets: Moon and Mars
11:1011:40Bruce BanerdtSurface-Based Geophysics on the Terrestrial Planets
11:4012:00Mike KendallImaging planets using seismology: lessons learned from Earth
12:0012:20Alan SmithPenetrators for Planetary Exploration and Science
12:2012:40Graham StuartStrategies for seismological exploration of the planets - an Earth perspective
14:0014:20Tom PikeA Microseismometer for Planetary Exploration
14:2014:40Axel HagermannApollo lunar surface geophysics - what we know we don't know, we know we know, and we might not know we know
14:4013:00Richard KatzMagma Dynamics in the Terrestrial Mantle
13:0013:30Guided discussion

15:3016:00Tea at the Geological Society
16:0018:00RAS Monthly A&G (Ordinary) Meeting
18:0019:00Drinks Reception (in the RAS' Burlington House Apartments)

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of program/abstracts


If you would like to contribute a poster please email the poster title to Nick Teanby (teanby<at>atm.ox.ac.uk) with "RAS poster" as the subject before November 6th.

Posters will be viewable during the lunch break. This will be a good opportunity for informal discussion of your work. Poster boards are portrait orientation - 6ft high by 3ft wide.

Meeting Details

For details of the meeting location and other details please see The RAS meeting website

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