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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a technology where CO2 is captured from emission sources (e.g., from power stations) and is then injected deep underground. This is one technology with the potential to reduce anthropogenic CO2 emissions to mitigate global warming. For the technology to be safe and effective, this CO2 must remain trapped for thousands of years.

The Bristol CO2 Group (BCOG) is made up of a number of researchers at the University of Bristol. We cover a broad range of research themes within the Earth Sciences, linking a number of CCS related projects. We are or have been research providers for three of the world's largest CCS projects, Aquistore, In Salah and Weyburn. Our emphases are on geophysical monitoring methods such as microseismic monitoring, 4D seismic variations, and surface deformation; geomechanical modelling of the deformation induced by CO2 injection; and geochemical investigations on the effects of CO2-rock reactions on reservoir integrity.